Will joint ownership be allowed?
Yes, although one owner will be the designee

If so, how will multiple owners be controlled with respect to membership, access to amenities and use of both the Conservations Parcel, the Residential Parcel and the Residential Common Areas?
One member per parcel. Limited guest per parcel.

What employees will be employed full time at The Territories, and will be their function(s)? 
TJ Hallman, Plantation Manager/outdoor experience instruction/youth programs/field game studies/species management 

Will ATVs, dirt bikes, horses, etc. be allowed?
ATVs and horses will be allowed. Dirt Bikes are not allowed.

What outdoor activities will be allowed, where and how?
Canoe/kayak/horseback riding/quail/turkey/deer/rabbit, camping, etc.

Will a non-property owner have any access?
Only if they are a guest of an owner/member. No general public access is allowed.

Will the guest(s) of a property owner have access?
Yes, but limited accompanied guests.

What are The Territories Membership Dues for 2012?
$250 per month which will not include The Patriot club dues.

Are Territories Members required to have a dining minimum at The Patriot Club?

Will hunting be allowed on a residential lot?
Archery only.

Will animals other than household pets be allowed to be lodged on the residential lot?
Horses are allowed.

Will horse trailers, RV, etc. storage be allowed on a residential lot?
Yes with prior conditional written approval by the ARB & the Developer.

Will camping be allowed on a residential lot?
No. Designated camping areas are available on the preserve.

Will camping be allowed on the Residential Parcel Common Areas?

Will game processing be allowed on the grounds of a residential lot?
No, Processing will take place under the huntmaster/nauralist direction.

What activities will be allowed on the Residential Common Areas, and how controlled?
Nature walks/bow hunting/bird watching, etc.

How many residential lots will there be?
69 total, each sized 5-10 acres.

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