The Territories offers many opportunities to enjoy hunting of all different varieties. All hunting with firearms takes place on the Preserve property, away from Territories Homesites Please visit for more specific information on hunting rules and regulations in South Carolina.

WINGED GAME - The winged game hunts on the property will target Bobwhite Quail, Mourning Dove and a wide variety of natural migrating waterfowl. These social hunts are a great opportunity for groups and families to enjoy a day afield. The fellowship and joys of watching working dogs search for Gentleman Bob is a time honored southern tradition. Opening season dove shoots will offer plenty of shooting action as well as opportunities to gather and enjoy the company of fellow members. Waterfowlers will enjoy impoundment hunts, wood ducks slicing through the tupelo bottoms, and hunting migrating waterfowl on the Saluda River. Guided trips are offered regularly and can be booked through the Outfitters Lodge, located within the Saluda River Preserve.

DUCK HUNTING - There are two managed duck impounds at the Territories, each is located at both the northern and southern tips of the Preserve which gives takes advantage of the natural flyway along the Saluda River. We have a full spectrum of migrating ducks and several flooded hardwood bottoms for wood duck enthusiast.

DOVE FIELDS - Multiple dove fields are planted to give plenty of action for opening day shoots and late season hunts as well. By mowing & burning of the fields at different intervals throughout the season gives members plenty of options for individual or group hunts.

QUAIL PLOTS -  We have dozens of planted food plots scattered throughout the Territories and all are bordered by natural hedge rows and low growing natural shrubs for quail cover while feeding. Our quail population of native wild birds is large and makes for exciting covey rises and strong single breakouts. Bording for dogs is available on the property.

SMALL GAME - The hedge rows and fields abound with cotton tail rabbits. Enjoy a frosty winter morning while trailing the sounds of a pack of beagles with their noses to the ground tracking rabbits. For a slower paced small game adventure one can slip through the Hardwood River bottoms while searching skyward for grey squirrels. Both are excellent hunts to introduce children and novices to woodmanship and the responsibilities of hunting.

BIG GAME - The Territories is blessed by an abundance of Eastern Wild Turkeys, a healthy native Whitetail Deer herd and also offers the unique experience of hunting wild boar. The Territories deer population is being managed with Quality Deer Management Guidelines being practiced to offer the chance at harvesting a mature buck.  Antlerless deer will be managed to help protect the herd and habitats health while South Carolina's long season will provide amble opportunism to spend time in the stand. Wild boar may be hunted from stands, or for the brave, stalked through the bottoms and cane thickets along the river. Wild boar may be hunted throughout the year unlike most game, and their populations are thriving. As the dogwoods bloom, our attention will turn towards hunting the ever elusive wild turkey. The booming call of a mature tom echoing through the woods, the sight of a strutting bird have made this hunt a spring time favorite.  Enjoy sunrise as you persue wild turkey, then take a mid-day float trip for Striped Bass, and finish your day with a wild boar hunt. A perfect Spring day at the Territories.