From collecting tadpoles to swimming and fishing, there are lots of activities to take part in at the Saluda River - all within walking distance of your front door. Guided boat trips are offered through the Outfitters Cabin. You can sign up for a family float down the River, or ask your parents to sign you up for a special kids-only class where you will learn about fishing and boating from our full time naturalist, TJ Hallman.

The best way to get to know the Territories is by hiking or riding on the miles of different trails. Since animals are easily scared by loud noises, hiking offers the best chance to glimpse a deer or other animal in its natural habitat. Make sure to talk quietly if you go in a group! Field guides are available at the River Lodge and Outfitters Cabin and will show you what different plants, birds and other animals to look for during your trip.

In addition to fishing in the Saluda River, there are lots of hunting activities to participate in too. Several classes are offered at the Outfitters Cabin for kids of all ages and include things such as gun safety, hunting techniques and fishing tips. Hunting and fishing both have restrictions based on the time of year, so always make sure you check ahead of time to be sure the activity you have planned is approved.